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These are the pillars of our fitness programming, and our training regimen is designed to be sustainable and attainable throughout your life. By using precise, thoughtful body positioning and basic human movement patterns – push, pull, bend, twist, lunge (walk, run), squat – plus flexibility work, we create a structural integrity in your joints and muscles that will allow you to do things you never imagined. We will always make sure you are able to move with strength and confidence (mobility & stability) in a particular pattern before we would want to add any additional stress (ie. weight) or ask that it be performed at a high intensity pace (strength & performance).

We believe that there is a place for nearly every style of workout or fitness program. While body-weight movements are the bedrock of our programming, we routinely incorporate kettlebells, medicine balls, barbells, cardio & plyometrics, high-intensity interval training, and gymnastics as well. We bring what we believe to be the best of each of these training modalities together to create our progressive programming. Each athlete in our gym (we consider all of our members to be athletes) begins at a different level. No matter if you were a collegiate athlete or have never done a single push-up, our staff, and our incredible community, will meet you right where you are and support you on your fitness journey.

There are no age requirement. Our goal is to help you build functional strength that will allow you to thrive, physically, throughout your life.

Meet Our Coaching Staff

Jodi Butler
Jodi ButlerOwner - Head Coach
Jodi is the founder and co-owner of Pittsburgh FIT. She is a CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Trainer, a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach, has a CrossFit gymnastics certification and has been a fitness fanatic her entire life and loves training other athletes. Being raised in the Pittsburgh area with seven older, athletic, brothers fed her fierce passion for athletic mastery and competition. One of her greatest joys is being able to witness people continually improve and gain a better, healthier body, self-confidence and a richer life by realizing the value of fitness and wellness. Jodi’s background includes fitness training, healthcare management and banking and finance. She currently lives on the Northside with her wife, Kris and holds a BS degree in Finance from Duquesne University and a Master Degree in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University.
Jami Reighard
Jami ReighardHead Coach + Co-Owner
Jami is co-owner of PittsburghFIT, is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and also holds CrossFit KettleBell and CrossFit Gymnastics certifications. He grew up in central Pennsylvania with one younger brother who was always willing to be his teammate / opponent playing football, basketball, baseball, golf and video games from morning to night. He loves working out, hip-hop, good coffee, graphic design and coaching the incredible community of motivated athletes that walk through the door every day at PittsburghFIT. He lives on a quiet street in Highland Park with the most beautiful woman he’s ever met, and wakes up every day filled with gratitude for the life he gets to live. Jami attended Kutztown University and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and has a BA degree in Communication Design / Graphic Design.
Kris Garmey
Kris GarmeyCoach
Kris is a part-time coach who specializes in cardio endurance and mobility and is Certified in Beachbody Insanity. . She has an endless enthusiasm and passion for fitness and loves both playing and watching sports. Her love of sport runs in the family and in 2014, she proudly coached her mom’s Senior Olympics Basketball team. She loves Pittsburgh Fit’s community focus and safe environment that is both friendly and welcoming. She currently lives on the NorthSide with her wife Jodi (yep, the co-owner), and holds a BS in Business Management from John Carroll University. She also gets to focus on athletes and their behaviors at her Dick’s Sporting Goods Marketing day job.
Dave Colesanto
Dave ColesantoCoach + Personal Trainer
Bio Coming Soon.
Katie Maloney
Katie MaloneyCoach + Personal Trainer
Katie loves doing things she thought she never could, whether it’s a handstand pushup, strict pullup or finally finding a recipe for desserts that taste delicious and are actually healthy. Encouraging others to make goals and step outside of their comfort zones to achieve those goals is one of the most rewarding experiences for Katie. Born in Chicago, IL, Katie moved to Pittsburgh to attend Chatham University where she played Collegiate Softball and received a double degree in both Digital Film Production and Communications. Since graduating, Katie has fostered her love for fitness and overall health at PittsburghFIT and is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.
Bella Beans
Bella BeansHead Dog In Charge
Bella has been a fixture at PittsburghFIT since opening day. She loves chasing balls, bubbles and chasing balls. Seriously, she LOVES chasing balls. All types of balls. Tennis balls, plastic glowing balls, lacrosse balls… heck, she’d probably chase a bowling ball if she got a chance.