Why PittsburghFIT?

We are located in the Point Breeze / Homewood area of Pittsburgh, and were founded in 2013 on principles of fitness, community, integrity and empowerment. It is our mission to offer the best possible service aimed at helping people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life. Our community-based fitness programs build functional strength and conditioning that enable our members to thrive, no matter their age.

No matter if you are a high-level athlete or have never done a single push-up, our staff, and our incredible community, will meet you right where you are and support you on your fitness journey.

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Today’s Workout

Monday, September 25

Follow your soul.  It knows the way. Warm up: 2 Rounds: 1:00 Easy Row 3 Walkouts 6 Alternating Spiderman + Reach 9 Slow Squats 12 Second Samson Stretch (each side) skill:   front squat / squat clean Trial run: 2 Rounds, building in intensity. Rest as needed between sets: 7 Calorie Row 5 Toes to Bar 3 front squats (95/65) Workout:  2 rounds (20 minute cap) 40 calorie row 40 toes to bar 40 front squats (65 / 95) when you are done, use the rest of the time to find a 1RM squat clean.  (or start this at the 18 minute mark)

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